Vision of the Company

Vision of the Company

DIGE is a high-tech company that specializes in motion intelligence. We are committed to using AI technology to improve motion control systems, thereby facilitating the development of manufacturing industry.

The company's core R&D teams  are fully versed in AI technology, data driven, motion control, and integrated mechatronics.

Technology Capability

Parallel Intelligent Control Technology

DIGE has launched the Intelligent Motion Control System and the Motion Intelligence Cloud Platform, both of which are based on the ground-breaking technology PIC (Parallel Intelligent Control). The intelligent motion control system is high-performance and debug-free that is widely used in industrial automation, robotics education and scientific research, and other applications to help equipment industry upgrade and replace high-end equipment.

Target Industries

DIGE's Intelligent motor driver-DIGE Uservo is suitable for use in 3C, robotics, lithium battery,LCD equipment, photovoltaic, wind power, measurement, printing, packaging, textile, wood working machinery, glass cutting, rubber equipment, pharmaceutical machinery, biomedical, food machinery, AGV, automotive and other multi-industry applications to meet the needs of a wide range of industries and effectively contribute to industrial upgrading and replacement.